Development, System Design & Repairs

The search for new ideas and approaches is our main challenge. We design comprehensive solutions and provide repair-service for complex systems. We develop innovative solutions and incorporate them into our own products, as well as we support our partners with our R&D capabilities.

Consult with us about your project and we will find the best solutions and evaluate them together. We will arange prototyping, surreal-condition testing and compliance with standards. We will help you create all necessary documentation for production support and professional presentation. The final result will always be the optimal solution for mutual satisfaction.

We are quick, competent, efficient and well-equipped development team, with over 20 years of experience in electronics and natural science.

We provide:

  • system design,
  • product development from idea to serial production and certification,
  • hardware design with P-Cad / Altium-designer and CAD tools,
  • all stages of product testing and analysis on state-of-the-art equipment,
  • µPC & µC software development for: 
  •  development of MS Win based, support-applications using:
    • Delphi / Visual C++ / Visual Basic / Lab Wiew
  • knowledge of standards and communication protocols,
  • testing and product certification,
  • technical, development and production documentation,
  • system installing and commission,
  • repair and maintenance of complex systems.
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