Measuring, control and sensory solutions for traffic and industry. From tunnel lighting photometers to bioreactor data conditioning. Even splitting RTD signal is easy. We look beyond the universality, our solutions are dedicated, reliable, functionally uncompromising. We boost your passion for perfection.



We produce devices, systems and solutions for measurement, control and automation. Great part of our activities goes to traffic, industry and pharmacy. The main component of our products is 25 years of experience, hence we offer high quality products, full technical support, and professional attitude.

Razvoj naslovna


Our core activity is development and production of systems and devices. We provide installation, commission, maintenance and repair service.
We design systems and perform measurements, testing and technical consulting. A lot of come-back and long-term customers motivate our business excellence.



We constantly search for better ways to deal with new and traditional challenges. Expanding our knowledge and experience we constantly upgrade our R&D dept. and build a global network with electronics manufacturers. Over the years we have become recognized hi-tech company and responsive, dedicated and effective development team.

ITAIA d.o.o.

new technologies development

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