Measuring, control and sensory solutions for traffic and industry

From tunnel lighting photometers to bioreactor data conditioning and splitting RTD signal, we look beyond the universality to develop dedicated, reliable and functionally uncompromising solutions. We boost your passion for perfection.

— Our Products —

Traffic & Vehicles

Increasing traffic density, its diversity and the need for fast travelling follow traffic infrastructure and an urge to provide better traffic safety. Appropriate and highly responsive traffic signalization, which always reflects current driving conditions plays a key role.

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Measurements & Sensors

We develop and produce sensory and measuring devices for electrical, physical and bio-chemical quantities. We participate in measuring research projects and provide outsourced help in development and setting-up measuring systems.

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Industrial Electronics

Beside measuring systems and automatisation we produce high current power supplies, voltage and measuring converters, production test and control systems, various displays, remote control systems, and electronics for any kind of device.

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— Our Services —

Development, System Design & Repairs

The search for new ideas and approaches is our main challenge. We develop innovative solutions and incorporate them into our own products, as well as we support our partners with our R&D capabilities.

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EMC optimization & Testing

Electromagnetic compatibility in today’s world, flooded with electronic devices, sounds like “live and let live”. When designing a new product the focus is no longer on performance and financial efficiency, but rather on coexistence with devices already in use.

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Work with ITAIA

We are looking for new partners, agents and distributors, especially on the Tunnel lighting, Measurement and Automation fields, active in Central, East and in Northern Europe, Asia, Middle East, USA, Canada and South America. If you are interested in long term business relation or just one time supply, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our projects and clients globally

In the 30 years of our development, we have carried out many projects and gained many satisfied customers all over the world.

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