Cookies are simple text files that some web pages save to your computer via browser and store some non-personal information. This is how website recognizes your device on future visits.

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Name Expiry Purpose
Session These cookies contain runtime informations about the viewport and screen resolution, these datas are used on any page refresh to calculate the correct Adaptive Images. No personal informations are stored within these cookies.
2 years
1 minute
24 hours
These cookies are set by Google Analytics (Google Inc.) to record page visits (details). They do not contain any personal information. Visitor’s IP address is not disclosed.
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1 year
1 year
The first cookie contains information about your decision on how to accept cookies and ensures that the cookie notification is not displayed anymore during the time period. The second cookie keeps track of your privacy settings. None contains personal information.

Since we respect your right to privacy, you can choose not to permit data collection from certain types of services. However, not allowing these services may impact your experience.

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