EMC Optimization & Testing

Electromagnetic compatibility in today’s world, flooded with electronic devices, sounds like “live and let live”. When designing a new product the focus is no longer on performance and financial efficiency, but rather on coexistence with devices already in use. This is usually not an easy task and as it is often ignored for economic reasons, so many hidden flaws remain undiscovered.

Ever faster digital systems and an increasing use of synthetic materials charging/discharging in contact with the device is the source of many troubles. Poorly designed systems, weak on glitch control crash or even generate disturbing emissions. The flaws with very low repetition rate are extremely difficult to detect, and often the software is blamed for them.

To avoid those situations special attention should be paid to EMC optimization during the design. This is where we can offer you many of our experiences, assistance and cooperation.

Our services:

  • Testing on modern measuring equipment
  • Analysis and flaw detection
  • EMC optimization and troubleshooting
  • Optimization and update ideas
  • Preliminary EMC testing
  • Alignment to standards