DO/pH/T Probe Interface/Emulator

DO/pH/T Probe Interface & Emulator is used in bio-pharmacy in combination with a bioreactor to control dissolved oxygen (DO), pH value and temperature in biological processes.

It provides compatibility between chemically based DO and pH probe-inputs of the bioreactor and the new generation reactor-bags with optically based probes integrated.

Compatibility is provided by converting the optical probe signal into one matching chemically based probes. Reactor’s PT100 temperature probe is used in instrument  to measure and thermally compensate optical probes and is replicated at the output.

The device can also measure, calibrate and emulate any of temperature, DO and pH value in specified range.

  • Dissolved oxygen, pH and temperature in one device
  • Conversion for DO, pH and T values
  • Replication error <0.5 %; <0.2 °C
  • Probe temperature compensation