Automatic Mains Polarity Changeover and Main Power Switch LSWR1

Wall socket connection usually do not provide any Live – Neutral polarity identification. In some applications this can be a great matter of safety  and proper operation. Mains polarity indentifying and changeover switch provides safe and uniformly clear output polarity regardless to input. By plugging-in switching on is delayed for polarity check, ground connection test and power good check.

Switch supports auxiliary remote control operation. When OFF or disabled, both L & N output lines are interrupted and floating. DIN rail mounted housing is suitable for industry cabinet use.

Fields of use
  • Caravan / camper
  • Nautic / marine
  • Construction-site installations
  • Work bench
  • Demo & test panels
  • Portable measuring systems
  • Auxiliary power installations
  • Main power switch ON/OFF
  • Mains polarity identification
  • 16 A constant load capacity
  • Power good check
  • Ground connection check
  • Isolated Auxiliary disable input
  • Floating output when OFF