Distribution Box Consumption Supervision

Measuring system represents convenient method of monitoring the behavior and energy consumption of loads powered by the distribution box. Measurements of voltage, current and phase-angle as well as calculation of overall box power consumption are conducted in real-time. Main electronic board is connected to the graphic display and/or a computer creating databases for archiving or implementing more extensive analyses.

Expandable measuring boards of various spacing are mounted directly underneath the circuit-breakers. Live power conductors run through the current sensors. Measuring boards are chain- or individually connected to the main board. It processes data and communicates with other system devices over serial RS 232/485 Modbus interface. It also enables acquisition and control of 4 analog voltage / current ports and 8 I/O ports, programmed to work locally or remote controlled.

  • Measurement error <1 %
  • T-RMS measurement
  • Current, voltage, phase angle, power and consumption measurement
  • Serial Modbus communication
  • Easy mounting

5 Years Warranty