Mid-Voltage Measurement Transducer

Fully insulated measuring transducer is used for floating voltage measurement on mid-voltage AC/DC generators and distribution networks. High insulation and low capacitance make it useable even in explosion hazardous areas. Test voltage summing input provides constant monitoring over function and accuracy. Wide frequency range ensures accurate phase-angle and voltage-anomalies measurements. Several input terminals cover different voltage ranges up to 5 kVAC. Various voltage or current function outputs cover most industry application.

  • 1/2/5 kV AC/DC selectable mid-voltage input
  • Isolated, primary side summing port for test voltage
  • Frequency range >10 kHz
  • Isolation >5 kV; <100 pF
  • Q, -Q ,Qabs , RMSq output
  • -10..+10 V / 4..20 mA out
  • 10–30 V AC/DC single power supply
Fields of use
  • Railway vehicles & infrastructure network
  • High & Mid voltage generators
  • Power distribution
  • Intrinsically safe areas
  • Test & measurements