RTD Resistance Splitter-Isolator PTi1000_DH/SH/XD

How to read single RTD sensor on two systems? This is how:

the PTi splitter-isolator is used in temperature control systems to split the signal from a single RTD to multiple independent resistance-based measuring systems. Providing full galvanic isolation applied to every port (in/out/power) avoids measurement error due to ground coupled impedance and ensures intrinsic safety separation in explosion risk environments. Special, patented design delivers high accuracy, real-resistance-outputs as RTD sensor-repetition even on pulsed measuring systems, regardless of excitation current or read-pulse duration. Input sensor 4-wire, 3-wire and 2-wire with line-loop compensation connections are supported.

The device is designed for sensor-sharing (i.e. RTD splitter), isolating and conversion between RTDs such as PT100/1000/KTYxx, position detectors, force sensors, etc. For various applications several types are available: Full-Auto-range, several Narrow-range types, RTD + Current & Voltage output; modular – multiple RTD-resistance outputs type and also as Current/Voltage to RTD converter for simulating RTD resistance.

See also: PT 100/1000 Resistance Replicator/Isolator

  • RTD in & RTD Out – resistance output
  • superb accuracy of 0,02% (0,05°C /60°range  for PT100/1000)
  • 2-, 3- & 4-wire connection for input sensor and 2w line loop compensation
  • pulsed (multiplex) measurement compatible
  • conversion between PT100, PT 1000, KTYxx sensors
  • RTD resistance + Current & Voltage out (SH type)
  • RTD simulation & signal from loop extraction (XD type)
  • modular-multiple RTD resistance out (DHf type)
  • OLED / NO-display version
  • intrinsic galvanic separation on every port & Ex option
  • 10–30V AC/DC single power supply