LE-3D Full Graphic Screen Trailer

LE-3D mobile traffic sign offers full range of traffic signalization using red-yellow/white combination and can therefore be used for securing scene of any traffic situation. Matrix based LED display offers 100 fast accessible, pre-defined combinations and any desirable graphic or textual content programmed and downloaded using PC. Upper, hydraulically lifting display is intended mostly for RD-YE/WH traffic content while lower fixed display mostly for textual messages. Light intensity is automatically adapted to light conditions and full intensity is activated in case of automatic fog detection.

LE-3D can be used in motion with upper display folded, using lower display signalization and flashlights only. Low power consumption means long battery autonomy, built-in charger with cable reel ensures fast and proper charging. LE-3D can be built on various trailers or review – truck bases chosen to best fit the user.