ZPP-2W Lane Closure Trailer

Signaling trailer ZPP-2W is used to secure road-works, lane closure or traffic diversion at specific traffic conditions. Automatically adapted light intensity and fog detection provides superb visibility in any condition and complies with L9H-EN 12352. Synchronized LED lamp based running or flashing arrow (L/R), supported by lower panel motorized-reflecting-panel-arrow, as well as cross graphics indicating lane closure, unambiguously points the changed driving direction.

Low power consumption provides over 30 hours battery autonomy. Along with working status battery condition can be observed from the work-side via control indicators on the back of the signaling board.

Any function is controlled by wireless, graphics-display remote control unit from distance over 100 m. Trailer basis and equipment are adapted to user’s needs; two different sizes are tailored for highway or municipal road use.