ZPP-3 Lane Closure Trailer

Signaling trailer ZPP-3 is used primarily for securing road-works. It is built on a chassis which allows the transportation of full range of traffic signs and direction boards. High-intensity LED light arrow complies with L9H-EN 12352, dynamic graphic unambiguously points in the direction of diversion. Light intensity is automatically adapted to light conditions and full intensity is activated in case of automatic fog detection.

Rotation of the light arrow is manual, around the axis in the middle of the signaling board, and allows signaling direction in left or right. The sign “road-works” become visible on the opposite side when rotating.

Signalization and battery condition can be monitored from the work-side via the control lights on the back of the upper panel. Low power consumption enables over 40 hours long battery life; built-in charger with cable reel ensures fast and proper charging.