FG-8 Tunnel Entrance Photometer

Veiling glare photometer is designed for measuring Lseq veiling luminance and regulating tunnel illumination in accordance with advanced approach of CIE 88 2004 standard. The standard defines simulated driver’s view-field as sum of separate angular sections contributing to overall light affecting driver. FG-8 photometer measures light in sections and calculates veiling luminance Lseq. This data predicts most similar conditions the driver would experience when approaching the tunnel and is also basis for light regulation in threshold cone of the tunnel. Eliminating “Black Hole” or overlighting effect the veiling glare photometer FG-8 gives most accurate illumination of tunnel and provides best visibility possible along with energy savings at the time.

Photometer comes with analog U/I/f, serial RS 232/485 for PLC and tunnel SCADA connection and multiple-channel 230 VAC outputs. Those can be used to drive lighting-contactors directly or be individually programmed for pulsed-power-line luminaire control. The concept allows continuous light adoption all along the tunnel tube. Full function control, measuring range, switching light-thresholds and time averaging are PC programmable using software provided.

Photometer comes with various X-Y adjustable, wall or pole brackets. Compact stainless steel housing is designed for toughest climate conditions. Embedded anti-fog heater and 1°-temperature-stable sensor chamber, provide high-accuracy and negligible aging. Wiper-washer units and Water tank are available.

Fields of use
  • Traffic areas
  • Tunnel entrance photometer
  • AA CIE 88 2004 measurements