FM-1/6 Tunnel Photometer

Tunnel entrance photometers FM-1/6 are designed to measure and control traffic area’s illumination based on CIE L20 driver’s view simulation. To avoid “Black Hole” or overlighting effect they continuously adopt and establish optimal illumination in any circumstances. Hence provide maximum safety along with energy savings. Photometer’s embedded controller and program provide complete solution for tunnel lighting control with no external controller necessary.

Photometers come with analog U/I/f, serial RS 232/485 ModBus communication for auxiliary PLC or SCADA connection and multiple 230 VAC outputs. Those can be used to drive lighting-contactors directly or be individually programmed for pulsed-power-line luminaire control. The concept allows continuous light adoption all along the tunnel tube. Full function control, measuring range, switching light-thresholds and time averaging are supported by serial com. or can be programmed using PC software provided.

Photometers come with various X-Y adjustable, wall or pole brackets. Compact stainless steel housing is designed for toughest climate conditions and simple installation. Embedded anti-fog heater and temperature-stable sensor chamber, provide high-accuracy and negligible aging. Wiper-washer units and Water tank are available.

Fields of use
  • Tunnel entrance, threshold zone or interior luminance sensing
  • Traffic areas / railway / metro
  • Airport runway lighting control
  • High accuracy < ± 3 %
  • CIE spectral match within 5 %
  • Integrated controller
  • U, I, f, RS232/485, n X 230 V AC
  • AISI 316 stainless steel, IP68 robust and easy handling housing
  • Sight tool for easy targeting to tunnel hole

5 Years Warranty