FS-20 Illuminance Meter

Illuminance meter FS-20 is designed for lighting control on open-street traffic areas and especially for precise measurement of in-tunnel artificial lightning to ensure its proper condition and maintenance. Cosine-corrected, human eye-like sensor measures the amount of light falling on specific area of road surface.

FS-20 is provided with analog U/I and serial RS 485/232 output for PLC or tunnel SCADA connection. For alarm and open-street illumination control, 4-channel, 230 VAC outputs are available that can also be programmed for pulsed-power-line luminaire control. Measuring range, output channel switching and time averaging are PC programmable using software provided.

Compact polycarbonate or stainless steel housing is ready for wall mounting and designed for toughest climate conditions. Within 1°-temperature-stable sensor chamber ensures high-accuracy and minimal aging.

Fields of use
  • Traffic areas
  • Street lighting control
  • In-tunnel photometer
  • Railway/metro stations
  • Airports