Battery Charger ADP-400/800

Automatic battery charger ADP-400/800 delivers fast and efficient charging of lead-acid batteries, providing maximum capacity performance and long battery life. Diagnostic process allows three working modes. Most frequently used is diagnostic charging, which is optimized to achieve maximum battery capacity. Fast charging delivers best results in a short amount of time while still working in an area for safe battery operation. Bad or partially damaged batteries can be revitalized using regeneration mode. It discharges battery first, makes a new charge formation and charges it fully.

Charger is fully protected against short-circuit and false connection using self-recovery system and error indication. It is used in electro-mechanical workshops, nautics, transportation, road maintenance companies and use of fork lifters and other machinery usage running on battery power.

  • High efficiency, passive cooling, using no vents
  • Versions: 400 W – 12 V / 30 A; 24 V / 15 A or 800 W – 12–24 V / 30 A; 12 V / 60 A
  • IP54 waterproof housing, no openings
  • High capacity using minimal space and weight